Injured on the Job?

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April 10, 2017
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April 17, 2017
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Injured on the Job?

Suffered an Accident on the job in Indiana?

You need to contact an experienced Workers Compensation lawyer in the Indiana area to help you with your possible case.

When you suffer an on the job injury, not only do you have to deal with your physical injury, but you also have to deal with your employer as well as your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier.The Indiana Worker’s Compensation Statute is complex and confusing. There are many traps and pit falls that an injured employee must be careful to avoid. The insurance adjuster deals with the Worker’s Compensation Statute on a daily basis. You as an injured employee do not. You must remember that the insurance adjuster is not in your corner.

Contact the Law Firm of David M. Lutz LLC. We will advise you of your rights and your obligations. David M. Lutz LLC will represent you in all aspects of your worker’s compensation claim. We will represent you before the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board. We will try your case.

We will represent you in negotiations with the worker’s compensation insurance carrier. We will assist you in your obtaining medical care by advising you what rights you have in obtaining medical care.

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